Tru-Analytics: Visualizing Economic Data

Tru-Analytics is an Ohio non-profit corporation formed in 2013 to promote economic growth and efficient government in Northeast Ohio with data, analysis and educational materials supporting fiscally responsible government.

A major barrier to more effective, long-term growth strategies and better government is low economic literacy. The public does not understand current economic data and its implications. Looking at data and thinking about what the numbers mean is boring for most people. Despite its importance, local media respond to the lack of public interest and cover little more than business openings and closings and the unemployment rate. Local political leaders and economic development organizations have every incentive to put a spin on economic news that fits their own objectives.

This blog is aimed at business leaders, economic development professionals, community leaders and the interested public. It is intended to contribute to local media coverage of economic issues by providing simplified (and objective) interpretations of data that are not being covered.  The focus will generally be on job creation and business growth as key metrics of regional economic development.  Unlike many economic newsletters with heavy text content, this blog will take a more visual approach by emphasizing larger graphics and providing less text content.

In addition, supplementary detail for some of the blog postings will be available upon request. Interactive data visualizations for many topical issues will be available at the Tru-Analytics public profile at Tableau Software:  Data Visualization Library at Tableau Software

2014-03 Tableau Screenshot for Linkedin